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Security Standards

security until the bitter end

Security has top priority for us. This applies for the planning of a mission, the course and naturally as well the successful carrying out of the action.

automated order transaction

An incoming order will be send directly to our high-security center by the frontend of our web site in an anonymous mode. The order is at first automatically made anonymous by the system in this first instance.
Even our members of staff in the head office have no information about clients and target. Simply the destination and an anonymous profile of the target are handed out so that the mission can be planned and prepared by our specialists.

The whole planning, preparation and coordination happen in our head quarter under strict safety precautions. The demands of the mission are calculated, required equipment and utensils are scheduled, the infrastructure at the location is analyzed and a qualified team of agents from the region is composed.

precision in perfection

We fall back on latest technology at the briefing of our on-site specialists. All instructions are send in a digitally coded way. Every detail of a mission is pinpointed and timed, we reconstruct detailed and digital copies of the location in 3D programmes so that our task forces know the local conditions without having been there once before. First of all, several possible course of missions are played through at a monitor, B and C plans are trained and situations that necessitate an abruption of the mission are clarified.

absolute discretion

We follow the principle “Someone who doesn’t know anything, is not able to gossip”. That’s why everyone only gets the information that are really relevant for the carrying out. It’s not that we don’t trust our members of staff, but we also protect them against scenarios as extortion or torture. If one of our specialist should get into difficulties, he is definitively not able to give any information about the client. He is of course not known by our on-site members of staff.

During the mission our members of staff are always in contact with the head office so that they can react immediately in case of irregularity. Depending on the demands a video connection exists at the location. The permanent feedback, the satellit-protected coordination via GPS and our strict and internal order guidelines assure at any time the highest process reliability.

Further precautions are taken as well after a succesfully ended mission: All data are deleted automatically, an encoded feedback is send to our head office and within a few minutes it is also visible on-line for our client in the login area.