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Rent A Killer. Where ever you Are!Rent A Killer. Where ever you Are!

"Since RAK does the dirty work
I spend more time with my family!"
Federico Borromeo, Cosa Nostra

Enterprise Solutions

A fast, realtime and uncomplicated handling of the missions is really important for major clients with a regular demand for our services. Rent-A-Killer has therfore some special services for major clients in store:

Mortal Blow Management

MBM stands for “Mortal Blow Management” and it is an order management system that is at our client’s disposal in the login area. In addition to the standard service at individual orders, a data bank with potential targets and associated order details is compiled and administrated already in advance. The data bank can be cultivated easily and allow the import of usual data origins (SQL, Excel sheets, etc.) more information about MBM and its functional range you can find under the menu item MBM 2.0.

Using synergies

As in almost every line of business the quantity makes the price in ours as well. The arrival and planning are the biggest expense factors, therefore you should combine temporally missions in local surroundings so that you can save money. Of course we can combine several jobs to one mission and we work extremely efficently and economically that way.


We support companies that process corresponding orders by themselves until now with particulary attractive conditions at the outsourcing. We could already win several organisations from national and criminal sectors over and we carry out their orders to the full extent. We have an active share in the protection of image of the company and we clearly lower the risk of collateral damages.

Permanent missions

If our services are needed at a certain point in short time intervals or even permanently, then we can make a wholesale offer and make our members of staff directly on site available for a certain period.