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Your Survive Insurance

Your Survive Insurance

As an open and neutral service provider we can not guarantee of course that your rival also benefits from the advantages of our service offers that he eventually uses against you. We have concerted a self-obligation that we keep to in order to avoid a conflict of interests between fairness and target cash flow:

You are immune against an attack of our company if you have effected a survive insurance for the given time. This survive insurance can be effected as well for third parties. Therefor, the price has to be calculatated in the concrete case.

We guarantee our reliability with our good reputation as well in this question. If the an elimination request should overlap with a survive insurance application we follow the principle “first come – first serve”. We are incorruptible here as well and we consider this fair procedure as a foundation stone of your esteemed confidence in our company.

Absolute confidentiality

Furthermore you can count of course on our confidentiality. If we should reject a request because of a survive insurance it happens naturally without giving the reason. The same counts if we have to reject a survive insurance application because of an already running elimination request.

6 months for free when placing an order!

If you mandate us for a elimination, you get the survive insurance even for free for 6 months. Here counts as well "first come - first serve". Mutual position battles are therefore excluded by our company!