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Singing Lessions

Reliable information collecting

Unwilling informants more often become a problem, cost time, money and nerves. Less and less people sing straight away the wished song! Rent-A-Killer™ offer here as well an approbriate solution: Our singing teachers are available worldwide in the shortest time and make real choirboys even of the most silent people.

We offer two methods in order to guarantee an efficient training:

  • At the crash course no regard to losses is taken. This method can be carry out fast and it is therefore cheaper.
  • The more lavish offshore method is used on people who are to go home after the singing.

The traditional crash course

If it is he point to gather as soon as possible and without great expenses important informations, then our singing experts do home visits directly at the target. According to experience our employees need only a few hours to teach the pupils the singing.

If it is difficult anyway, special instruments of the guitar case do other convincing. Thumbscrew and spanish boot are just examples for habile and repressiv accompaying instruments that beat the right time for the prospective choirboy. Most of the time italian classics as “Falanga” or “Telefono” are practised.

During the course we care of course for your well-being. A pharmacological care belongs to the supporting programme as well as gastro-ennterological examinations. Well-temperate wellness areas are available for the breaks.

With the Servicepack "Live" you can watch in real time the student’s progresses and correspond with our educationalist. We are welcome to fulfil concert wishes !

After a successful dress rehearsal our workers care for cleanness and professional disposal of the incurred waste.

The offshore method

The tenor of this methods is that the target is to be dismissed after the treatment. For these purposes the singing lessons take place in countries as Marocco, Syria or Egypt. The mediterranean climate act like a fontain of youth for untrained voices and the host countries are known for their friendly contact with the ambassadors of the music – as well after the performance!

In addition to the outward and the return flight in a charter machine a social programme of extra class provide entertainment: In the camera silens you can experience first hand the absolute silence and the extreme variations in temperature of the desert and at thesubmarino the singing students learn the breathtaking underwater world. But as well an experienced sham execution has inspired many uninspired singing students to write new texts.

Our employees pay attention fastidiously to the well-being of their students so that nobody can complain after the journey . You can see for yourself: If you choose the optional SP Live you will not miss any of the attractions and you are always in contact with the travelling companions.

Always being present with the service pack "Live"

You probably want to convince yourself of the student’s singing art or you want to change the time. The optionally selectable service pack "Live" provide you the opportunity to communicate with our conductor via chat. You can see the results in real - time video and 128kbit/s sound. More information...