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Rent A Killer.Rent A Killer.

About Rent-A-Killer

Rent-A-Killer is the first organisation within its sector that made its way onto the internet and ever since, they have offered their services online. Today the venture primarily focuses on web business and is probably the number one in this field.

The Idea

As early as in the late eighties the today’s Senior Chief had the idea to offer their services worldwide, operate globally and always to be able to adapt dynamically to new conditions. His vision was to base the whole process on modern information technology – and assist everything from order placement to the mission itself! This concept continually became more sophisticated throughout the years, until when in 1996 the first technical tests were carried out.

Revolutionise the Business

New ground was broken when Rent-A-Killer started in 1999 to directly offer their services via the internet. Only a few months later the company caused a real revolution on the market with the release of ShareKill.

Today the company’s sole focus is directed towards online order placements and therefore making affordable to anyone, what had previously been exclusive to influential companies, governenments and the Mafia.

Your browser is your weapon.

The internet is our client’s control center. From scheduling through to the placement and finally the confirmation, that the problem has been solved – all the information regarding your order is available in real-time. Whenever, whereever and anonymously.

No meeting with shady characters in dismal pubs. No ordering through questionable third parties or messengers. Rent-A-Killer is direct, simple and secure! Guaranteed!

Latest technology meets highest security standards

Now Rent-A-Killer has a worldwide and unique network of highly qualified and professional workforce at their disposal. Within a few days specially trained teams are available in almost every country around the globe. They come, solve your problem and leave again. It is as simple as that!

The headquarters are in Cuba, several flexible offices are based in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Our specialists are constantly in contact with the headquarters and "ready for action / ready to go" at all times. Through their specialisation Rent-A-Killer can provide you with unbelievably cheap quotes – whilst assuring you that the highest security measures are in place.

Precise cleaning just in time.