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Rent A Killer.Rent A Killer.

Corporate Strategy

A growing demand

In times of globalisation, the western economic crisis, the increasing importance of energy resources, as well as the conflict between the western and the islamic world, the demand for professional killers is clearly increased. A constant growth in our line of business can be reckoned as well in the following years.

latest techniques

The ambition of the last decade was the reorientation of the company. After a drastic reorganisation and technological innovation we are today completely geared to our clients in the internet. As a consequence of that Rent-A-Killer offers the latest contract negotiation system of his type. We offer comprehensive outsourcing and rationalisation possiblities for major clients and we adjusted ourself to the needs of the private clients. We have a worldwide network of capable professionals at our disposal who execute orders at the highest technical stage.

On average of the last 10 years, Rent-A-Killer has increased his share of the market compared to the business rivals. We are probably the most fast-growing agency on the global market. On the segment of the online provider we are the undisputed number 1. By establishing the ShareKill system Rent-A-Killer has been made available a complete new market (professional killers for private requirements) that we are dominating until today.

new innovations

We will work constantly also in the following years to create more advantages for our clients. Our developement department is always in search of innovations that we can use and advance in an optimal way for our company. We always rely on the latet technologies, not only in the domain of the frontends but also by networking and coordinating our task force.

We enforce our effort for perfection by the modernisation of our weapons and means of transport. That is why in 2007 our transport possibilities are to be completed with modern combat helicopters.

extension of the resources

Our network with permanent employees for ad hoc missions in North America and Asia will be extended emphatically in the following years. Our ambition is to reach an availability within 24 hours in Europe and North America and to cut into halves the working time on other continents.