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Rent A Killer.Rent A Killer.

The ShareKill-System

Problem: increase of costs caused by security upgrades

Private and public institutions improve their security strategy because of the increasing risks by the growing criminality and the international terrorism. Bodyguards and security companies are not rarely equipped more up-to-date today than some national armees. The times are over where presidents drove in a convertible through Dallas – even local politicians, professional athletes, lobbyists and third-class celebrities are today better protected than John F. Kennedy had been once.

As a result of the upgrade in the security sector, professional interventions in the field of the V.I.P. get correspondingly lavish and more expensive.

It was this way of posing a problem that gave our senior boss an idea at the beginning of the nineties and the realization was to turn the business upside down in 1999. The question was easy: “ Why does everyone has to cook his own soup if you can celebrate together a slaughter party?”

Interest group contract killing

ShareKill brings a circle of clients together (the so-called “client lobby”) who have the same ambition. Motives are just as irrelevant here as the origin or the social situation. The costs of the mission will be divided to the quantity of the clients. The highlight is: Everyone only pays as much as it is really worth to him.

Synergy of the value of benefit

Every mission has its price but the value of benefit of the operation is different for every client.

An example for the graphic:

Let’s take an ordinary traget as an example: Mr. X is an executive employee of a national authority and investigate an international group because of economic subsidy fraud of the order of a million. Mr. X dedicate his free time with all his passion to his well-tendet english garden.

Client number 1 is Mr. X’s neighbour. He is at the end of his rope by the noise of the lawn mower every evening so that he would like to pay 2000$ in order to listen calmly with a glass of wine to the twittering of birds every evening in future.

Client number 2 is the company Mr X investigates. The blowing of the fraud would interfere with the image of the company and in addition to that it would cause a huge financial damage. You have to gain time to cover a fraud up. A sudden accident of the head observer would be worth just like that 100.000$ to the company.

After careful consideration of the social, financial, geographical and other factors for the removal of Mr. X, calculate the price of 200.000$. The mission would be too expensive for both clients.

ShareKill. Save costs together!

But now, ShareKill comes into operation: both clients as well as a number of other potential clients meet – of course absolutely anonymous – at the ShareKill platform. The removal of Mr. X would have a different value of benefit for every client. If the sum of values of benefit of all clients cover the expenses, the mission can be carry out.

Client number 1 can enjoy calmly the sunset in future – for merely 2000$. And client number 2 can smooth a large amount of trouble out for reasonable 100.000$.

Professional missions for everyone!

The veritable client advantage, that no other service provider of our line of business can offer you until now, becomes apparent here at the latest. By the ShareKill system professional orders become to an affordable problem solver as well for an average customer.