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Mortal Blow Management 2.0

Killer on demand

MBM is the "Mortal Blow Management" application of Rent-A-Killer. As a regular client you can organize, manage and control your targets and the corresponding missions with this programme. Then the pre-sets are ad hoc available and they can be made accesible within a few minutes with a point-and-click.

Web and Client Versions

Since the version 2.0, MBM is available in two versions. oMBM is the online form you can make all modifications of the database with - in real time and directly on our web site. You can find oMBM in the login area, a permanent connexion to the internet is necessary for the processing.

We place the version cMBM (client Mortal Blow Management) at your disposal to configurate data offline. You can make modifications easily at the computer or laptop with this little tool and you can synchronize these modifications in a few minutes with the MBM server. We recommend this method if you access the internet via a dial-up connexion or via mobile networks.

Functional Range

In contrast to an individual order, several missions can be managed clearly and parallel with MBM. A personal database with potential targets and locations can be cultivated already in advance and is therefore available at any time. In case of emergency, valuable time can be saved and a standby mission can be released with a few point-and-clicks.

Also the tools Readiness Timer and Cost Calculator are implemented in the full functional range in cMBM, so that these services are at your disposal at any time – even without an internet connexion. If you choose the service pack “live” you are connected live to the task forces with cMBM, you see live pictures and you can listen to the radio messages. Apart from that, both versions offer an identical functional range for the creation, processing and realization of missions.


cMBM and oMBM are of course equal to the latest security standards. However, the cMBM version that is installed at the client provides the advantage that the data to be synchronized are sent in an encoded way while at the browser-based oMBM the entered data can perhaps be tape-recorded by systems to spy somebody out. If a risk exists that the client system will be stolen, then you should fall back on the online version.


cMBM can be downloaded in the login area. Size: 7.35 MB.
oMBM can be used online in the members area.

Featurematrix online MBM MBM Client-Software
Platform Internetbrowser, all operating systems, also usable on some mobile phones or PDAs Windows (95, 98, 98SE, Me, XP, NT, 2000)
Web Connection static offline editing via dial-up-connection for synchronization
Cost Calculator yes yes
Readines-Timer yes yes
supports SP Live no yes