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Reference: Scott Cheney

Scott Cheney*, Manager security firm of an international company:

* modified name

"Especially in the asian and latin american region our company has again and again problems with separists, terrorists and anti-capitalist freedom fighters who want to sabotage our activities.
Important major projects encounter more often resistance from the population that can build up to a small civil war if critics are not nipped immeadiately in the bud. This is more often an enormous risk for the investment and our members of staff.

Apparantly globalisation criticism has been a part of the good manners as well in simple households for a few years, that is why corruption and oppression are only conditionally promising. More often negative headlines in the empathic press cause huge image damages – as well in the western countries!

That is why we engage already preemtively Rent-A-Killer to control the situation. It is often already enough to calm the ringleaders of the critical organization in order to break extensively the resistance.

We are very satisfied with the service of Rent-A-Killer and the development shows that such services will be used more often in the future. Our company is glad to have a reliable partner at our side."