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Reference: Mélissa Bernard

Mélissa Bernard*, uxorious wife:

* modified name

"I have lived together with my husband for 16 years. We have been married since 1996. Until a short while ago our world was alright, we always got along very well with each other. We had of course as well a row from time to time but overall we were both happy.

A few weeks ago I had the feeling that my husband has something going with his colleague. Of course I approached him about it, there had been a huge argument and of course he denied everything. By a silly accident I later read a message from her on his mobile. It came out that they’ve had an affair already for 2 months.

My whole world collapsed about me and I asked myself how it should go on. I love my husband, we have built a nice, big house together. That is why I didn’t want to get a divorce, but he wanted to have more time for a decision and he even asked what would happen with our debts (building of the house) if we split up.

I was scared that he would really decide in favour of this hussy from his office. So I had to put this silly bitch away. I had to sell my second car for it but the guys from Rent-A-Killer did a really good job! It was only written in the newspaper that she was deadly injured by a not working fire protection door.

I’m really very relieved that my sweetie and me coped as well this crisis."