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Reference: Henri Moeller

Henri Moeller*, bank assistant and worried father of a family:

* modified name

"This bastard has raped my lovely daughter and what does the fucking court of justice do? Ridiculous 4 years. With probation! I felt to be left in the lurch by my country.

I couldn’t sleep well at night anymore with the thought that this pervers son of a bitch is at large outside, that he might be in front of my daughter’s window or that he is already after another woman. I had to do something!

Unfortunately, it is forbidden in our country to serve up justice by your own. At the end you as a righteous father are there where rapists and child abuser should actually be.

That is why I looked for a professional killer. Then, a friend draw my attention to the web site of Rent-A-Killer.

I was really surprised about the cheap prices and the uncomplicated transaction! You really don’t have to be a high-income earner! This service is definitively worth its salt. This bad man has got his nemesis and my family and me can live an unhurried life again."