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Reference: Frank Green

Frank Green*, self-employed craftsman:

* modified name

"I really had allowed for the heritage. The economic crisis also concerned my little plumber company. I just had 2 alternatives: to close the company and to make my 14 employees redundant or to come quickly into money in order to balance outstanding items.

But against my expectations my mother-in-law came back from the hospital again. I never couldn’t really stand this old woman and I always asked myself again and again what the hell has driven me at that time to marry her daughter. Well, whatever. Anyway, my compagnon had the idea to accelerate the whole thing...

The colleages of Rent-A-Killer solved the problem with consummate ease and the costs were only a fraction of what a bankruptcy would have costs me. When the doctor came to diagnose the cause of the death, I had an uncomfortable feeling but they diagnosed a natural death and the heritage was on our account in the shortest time. I could save 10 jobs and my mother-in-law’s annoying birthday visits are finished as well. Marvellous!"