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Reference: Federico Borromeo

Federico Borromeo*, Consigliere of the Cosa Nostra:

* modified name

"I had to do a difficult job when I took notice of the company Rent-A-Killer. The first order was completed immediately and to my utter satisfaction. In the following years I always fell back on Rent-A-Killer when our job was too risky for our people or when jobs had to be done in other countries.

Rent-A-Killer offers me as a business man a high level of planning reliability. I have a strong and competent partner to my hand at any time and on whom I can always count on.

Since our organisation go after a better image I have outsourced in my field of responsibility nearly all accordant orders to Rent-A-Killer. Since then, we hardly have problems with the justice any more and we can focus on our core business."