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Reference: Carlos Sanchez

Carlos Sanchez*, soldier:

* modified name

"In addition to the military avtivities modern warfare deals as well with the problems at the homeland front. A good marketing contributes a lot to it, how the the nation at home is standing behind the government and the soldiers.
Despite all efforts of the ’surgical warfare’ war remains a dirty business. In addition to the security services, prisoner’s of war are our most important – but unfortunately also our most unwilling – informants. To know the enemy’s strategy has an enormous importance for our applications planning. Even if it is controversal in the public, we regularly have to evade the Geneva Conventions for the protection of our own men.

Such activities can end very fast in a disaster because of the reporter’s ubiquitous presence. For this reason we fall back on the services of Rent-A-Killer in extremely explosive cases.

A lot of people are involved at our official interrogations. Watchmen, deputies of several security services and special task forces and in the worst case as well observer of international aid organisations. Then our interrogation methods are clearly limited and rarely successful.

The risk of the leaking out of negative propaganda is clearly decreased by the outsourcing to Rent-A-Killer. The prisoner doesn’t appear in any database anymore and the effective interrogation methods provides clearly faster the wished information."